Our greatest advantage lies in the successful team work and complex resolution of cases, based on the thorough knowledge of each specialist in the respective area. The companies employ highly-qualified lawyers – with extensive experience in the area of the civil law. We provide legal consultants, cooperating with accountants, backed by competent administrative personnel, brokers and evaluators.

As an array of specialists in different areas, our team combines the experience of three lawyer generations. Our team is magnificently prepared for the provision of professional services for its clients, given our excellent knowledge in the area of law, procedure and real estate property market, as well as fluent command of all major foreign languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Russian, additionally supplemented by our deep understanding and analysis of the specifics of the Bulgarian business climate. Often when solving a legal matter we tend to compete among ourselves, which is a huge plus, and results in achieving the optimal legal result. We work with great passion for the job, the effects of our work materializing in a large number of regular clients, convinced not only in our professional accuracy and professionalism, but also in our ability to identify the right approach for every case and leading it to successful completion in the shortest time possible.

We take special and client-tailored care of our customers and their personal problems, aiming to achieve the best possible solution and advantage for them. All of our clients choose us again when they need a solution of any additional legal matters.

Silviya Bochukova
- registered with the Sofia Bar Association /1992/
- LL.M. graduated from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ochridski"
- more than 20 years of work in the area of civil law, exceptionally rich and diverse experience;
- specialist in the area of family law and divorce litigations;
- specialist in property-, commercial- and contract law;
- specialist in consulting commercial companies, encompassing the full spectrum of relations, related to their work and relations with third parties and merchants.
- investment in real estate property
- expert examination and analysis of the status of a company
Stefka Azmanova
- Member of the Sofia Bar since 2012
- LL.M. graduated from the University of National and World Economy /2009/
- Main activity in the field of commercial law, property law, insurance law, administrative law and contract law.
- Consultations, preparation of documents, legal representation, representation before state offices; out-of-court means of resolving civil and commercial disputes - mediation and arbitration
- Foreign languages – German
Lidia Filipova
- Specialist in company law and company registrations;
- LL.M. graduated from the University of National and World Economy /2009/
- Bachelor degree from the University of National and World Economy /2010/
- specialist in the area of civil law, commercial law, family law, real estate properties and any possible issues resulting thereof;
- foreign languages: English, Spanish
Tanya Stoyanova
- Specialist in cadastre and property registry matters;
- LL.M. graduated from the University of Veliko Tranovo / 2012/;
- specialist in the area of real estate properties and transactions therewith, assistance with: registrations of real estate properties with the Geodesy, Cadastre and Cartography Agency; changes in cadastre details and registries; settlement of regulation calculations; issuance of construction papers and documents from the municipalities.
- specialist in the sphere of civil law;
- initiation of court enforcement procedures;
- implementation of writ of possession, preparing inventories of real estate properties and movables;
- in-depth knowledge of the real estate market;
- flexibility, quickness, analytical thinking and initiative when providing intermediation services and real estate property transactions;
- consultations and assistance with the choice of real estate property; intermediation for signing real estate sale-and-purchase contracts
- evaluation of real estate properties
- foreign languages: English, French.